As a young girl, Charlotte would hear music in her head when she was lying in bed at night. She learned that if she tried too hard to listen to it, it would go away, but that if she stopped trying, she could hear it play softly in her ear as she drifted off to sleep. She still feels this skill of 'detached listening' is essential to the study and practice of music, and to this day many of her songs originate from music she hears in her dreams.

Charlotte was the rebellious artist daughter of two scientist parents. She chose her path entirely based on her lifelong passion for music and dancing. She began studying dance at age nine, and guitar at age twelve. She enrolled in a professional dance school after college, but following an ankle injury at age 22 she turned her focus to music.

She completed an Associates Degree in Music at Shoreline Community College, and while there, she also composed the college's Alma Mater (school song) in four part harmony. Her two CDs, A Girl With A Guitar (2005) and Wild Wind (2010) received critical acclaim and Wild Wind received nationwide airplay and achieved some chart success.

Charlotte has toured regularly in the Northwest for several years and made her first national tour in 2010, which included California, Montana, Colorado, Tennessee and several other states. She teaches during the fall and winter, and in the summer, tours with her husband and daughter.